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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Worshipping the Son of God Matthew 14:22-36 Quentin Tanton 21 November 2021
Compassionate Jesus Matthew 14:13-21 Quentin Tanton 19 September 2021
The Folly of Fearing others, not God Matthew 14:1-12 Quentin Tanton 11 July 2021
A prophet without honour Matthew 13:51-58 Quentin Tanton 23 May 2021
Parable of the net Matthew 13v47-50 Matthew 13:47-50 Quentin Tanton 21 March 2021
The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast Matthew 13:31-36 Quentin Tanton 06 December 2020
The Parable of the Weeds Matt13v24-30,36-43 Matthew 13:24-43 Quentin Tanton 18 October 2020
The Parable of the Sower Matthew 13:1-23 Quentin Tanton 27 September 2020
The 3 C's of Easter (Simon) Matthew 27:27-44 Nigel Hoad 16 August 2020
Why did Jesus use Parables? (Matt13:1-17) Matthew 13:1-17 Quentin Tanton 12 July 2020
Three C's from Easter (Pt.1 Barabbas) Matthew 27 Nigel Hoad 05 July 2020
The Greatest Threat to the Church- Morality Not Immorality Matthew 12:43-50 Quentin Tanton 10 May 2020
What is so 'Good' about Good Friday? Matthew 16:21
Matthew 17:23
Nigel Sharp 10 April 2020
Am I God? Matthew 8:1-8 Terry Boyle 09 February 2020
Unexpected visitors from the East Matthew 2:1-12 Colin Howells 22 December 2019
I Will or Thy Will? Matthew 26:30-44 Paul Davis 20 October 2019
The Sign of Jonah Matthew 12:38-42
Luke 11:14-32
Quentin Tanton 08 September 2019
You Need to Hear This, but You don't listen to it Matthew 21:28-46 John McDonald 10 March 2019
Fear for the Unbelievers not Believers Matthew 12:22-32 Quentin Tanton 24 February 2019
The Distractions of Christmas Matth Ch 1:18-25/Phil Ch 24:4-7 Colin Howells 25 December 2018

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