This week Ruth reads from John Ch 14. This week we have a guest speaker Ziggy Rogoff From "Jews for Jesus". Ziggy Rogoff was brought up in an kosher-observant home in Redbridge, Essex, England. He attended Hebrew classes three times a week and celebrated his bar mitzvah in Jerusalem at the Western Wall. But by the time he turned twenty, he had become an atheist. He considered some things unknowable, and God was one of them.
After Ziggy completed his post-doctoral studies in mathematics, a friend invited him to church, where he completed a course called Christianity Explored." Ziggy then read Mark's gospel and wondered: "Have I found the Messiah?" But he reasoned, "How can I accept Jesus as the Messiah when the rabbis have been rejecting him for the last two thousand years?" After reading the life story of Stan Telchin, Betrayed, Ziggy realized it was possible to be Jewish and believe in Jesus! When he pored over the prophesies in the Hebrew Scriptures, he became convinced that Jesus was indeed Israel's promised Messiah. Ziggy's sermon is about the atonement and how it was achived by the Jews and how we recieved it through Christ

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