About us

About us

A little more about us

To introduce ourselves perhaps we should share why we call ourselves Grace Fellowship.  The name brings together two words that are very important to us and sum up our aims.

Grace describes receiving something good that you did not deserve, and the Bible is clear that God has been good to mankind although we deserve punishment for our sins.  We see this in the good things He gives everyday, but it is most spectacularly shown in what Jesus did when He was crucified on the cross, and became our rescuer.  This amazing gift of love is nothing we deserve and we now seek to live our lives as a response of worship to the God of Grace.

Fellowship means being united in a common purpose – being a family even if we are not all related.  Our common purpose is to hear from God through studying the Bible and to serve and worship Him together.  Our church is not perfect, but we try to show Christ’s love as we care for each other. Our Fellowship is living and growing and we would love you to be part of it. 

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