John McDonald

Visiting speaker

Sin, Judgement & Salvation (Numbers 21:1-9)

What is Faith (Hebrews 11-1-19)

Assurance and Encouragement in Times of Trial

Who Do You Want To See?

Grace and Mercy? (Family Carol Service)

The Servant of the LORD

A Glorious Lord- The Miracle of Salvation

You Need to Hear This, but You don't listen to it

Living Up to Our Responsibility

What Happened When I believed

Repent or Perish

Don't Kidd Yourselves, Nobody Makes A Fool of GOD

Who Jesus is

Do You Dislike being Exposed to God Light

Christmas Carol Service. Readings and Massage

Knowing There is a Holy God and Sinful People

The Third Servant Song

What do You Filter Out

The Prodigal Son

Lost Sheep and Sinners

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