Johnny Gooch

I am not ashamed of the Gospel

Lack of faith; Little faith; Faith that grows.

Where Now is the LORD the God of Elijah?

Two hallmarks of a child of God

Three Certainties despite uncertainty (Psalm 23)

Faith The Overcomer

A Kings Salvation

The Letter to the Hebrews

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Colin Howells , Gerald Heddell , James Hammond , James Taylor , John McDonald , Johnny Gooch , Leslie Jarvis , Quentin Tanton

The Book of Psalms

Speakers: Adam Goddard , Andrew Taylor , David Hircock , Johnny Gooch , Jonny Sutton , Ken Slater , Marcus Appleton , Michael Toogood , Peter Mawson , Quentin Tanton , Selwyn Morgan , Terry Boyle

The 2nd Book of Kings

Speakers: Johnny Gooch , Malcolm Hoad , Terry Boyle

The Book of 2nd Chronicles

Speakers: Johnny Gooch , Terry Boyle

The 1st Letter of John

Speakers: Johnny Gooch , Quentin Tanton
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