Andrew Taylor

The Light of the World

Those who are humble, contrite and Trembling

A New Heaven & A New Earth

The Portraits of Christ

Portraits of Christ

Isaiah's Visions

In Gods Courtroom

Flourishing in Peace

Putting on the New Clothes

"inside out" solution not "outside in"

The Fear of Missing Out

Promises given and received

"Be on the winning side"

Christ's Reconciliation

Christ's Supremacy

Pauls Prayer

Forgiving and Recieving


"three resurrections"

Win and Send


Meeting together Praise and Worship

Logical Worship

Carol Service

We are the church, Not the walls

Jesus Changes Everything

Life and Death

Friendship and Words

Friends Part 2

Friends Part 1

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The Letter to the Hebrews

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Colin Howells , Gerald Heddell , James Hammond , James Taylor , John McDonald , Johnny Gooch , Leslie Jarvis , Quentin Tanton

Bible Study

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Bill Foote , John Tanton , Quentin Tanton

The Book of James

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Paul Mitchell

The Book of Proverbs

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Leslie Jarvis , Matt Coster , Terry Boyle

The Book of Psalms

Speakers: Adam Goddard , Andrew Taylor , David Hircock , Johnny Gooch , Jonny Sutton , Ken Slater , Marcus Appleton , Michael Toogood , Peter Mawson , Quentin Tanton , Selwyn Morgan , Terry Boyle

The 1st Letter to the Corinthians

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Gerald Heddell , John Cheeseman , Nigel Sharp

The Letter to the Philippians

Speakers: Adam Goddard , Andrew Taylor , Colin Howells , Mark Smith , Nigel Sharp , Paul Davis , Terry Boyle

The Letter to Philemon

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Terry Boyle

Bible Studies

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Colin Howells

The Letter to the Ephesians

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Guy Tanton , Malcolm Hoad , Mike Proudlock , Nigel Sharp , Paul Davis , Terry Boyle

The Letter to the Colossians

Speakers: Adam Goddard , Andrew Taylor , Bob Gehrke , Colin Howells , Gareth Jones , John Cheeseman , Mike Proudlock , Nick McQuaker , Nigel Sharp , Nigel Sharp , Paul Davis
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