Nigel Sharp

Do we forgive as Christ Forgave?

Are you complete in Christ

Are you Walking and Rooted in Christ (Col. 5:3-5)

Assurance of Salvation

Care For The Church

Christian hope for 2021

Colossians 1_24-29

God's fulness in Christ (Col.1:19-23)

Christ: The Head Of The Church

What is so 'Good' about Good Friday?

Be Filled With Knowledge

Intro to Colossians

The King With Four Names

The Shepherds

The "One Accord" Church Part 4: Unity Through Humility

The "One Accord" Church: Part 3

The "One Accord" Church: Part 2

The "One Accord" Church Part 1: Seven Attributes Of The First Church

The Pastoral Letters.The Last Letters from Paul

The Doctrine of Adoption

The Letter to the Galatians

Speakers: Nigel Sharp , Paul Davis , Quentin Tanton

The 1st Letter to the Corinthians

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Gerald Heddell , John Cheeseman , Nigel Sharp

The Letter to the Philippians

Speakers: Adam Goddard , Andrew Taylor , Colin Howells , Mark Smith , Nigel Sharp , Paul Davis , Terry Boyle

The 2nd Letter of Timothy

Speakers: James Hammond , Nigel Sharp , Terry Boyle

The Letter to the Ephesians

Speakers: Andrew Taylor , Guy Tanton , Malcolm Hoad , Mike Proudlock , Nigel Sharp , Paul Davis , Terry Boyle

The Letter to the Colossians

Speakers: Adam Goddard , Andrew Taylor , Bob Gehrke , Colin Howells , Gareth Jones , John Cheeseman , Mike Proudlock , Nick McQuaker , Nigel Sharp , Nigel Sharp , Paul Davis
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